A review of BV1800 8 –Cup Coffee Maker

512JGumWn8LAre you looking for a machine that focuses on fantastic coffee making? Bonavita BV1800 is the answer. This brewer handily outperforms any other brewer you are aware of, and goes in a one-to-one combat with most premium machines. It is luxurious in programmability and temperature control. The machine has a glass carafe that achieves a consistent stream and a mess free pour.

SCAA certification

Bonavita is one of the few home brewer that are certified by Specialty Coffee Associations of America. SCAA recognizes home brewers that meet the extensive rigorous technical requirements based on proper water temperature, brewing time, and ability to brew within the SCAA Golden Cup recommendations.

Thermal carafe abilities and features

Bonavita has eliminated this problem of messy pouring. The option of a thermal glass-lined carafe will help you keep your coffee at the right temperature for several hours after brewing.


it is designed to make an excellent cup of drip coffee. The machine is made up of stainless steel. The filter basket is intentionally higher to ease the cleaning process. It also has a large round showerhead that saturates grinds evenly.


You are interested in getting a quality brewer that has lots of advantages, BV1800 is significantly cheaper than brewers of similar performance. But it is important to note that, people are always willing to pay according to the satisfaction of the services.

Ease of use

The coffee maker is easy to use. It has an on and off switch. The reservoir is not removable, therefore you will need to remove the carafe lid before brewing. Auto shut-off is also an advantage.

Ease of cleaning

It is very easy to clean the carafe. It is also easy to remove the removable filter basket transport it to the compost bin and sink without any spills.


It is very rare to get complaints of defects or malfunctions of this machine. Any reported problems could be as a result of carelessness of the user.BV1800 has a 2-year warranty to give you the confidence that you will receive full protection in case of any malfunctions.

With all these benefits, there can never be a better reason to get yourself a Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker. Get one today, and become part of the success story.


It is made up of a short stainless steel column that forms the main body . The water reservoir lid houses the Bonativa BV 1800’s showerhead that looks into place over the insulated tube. The filter basket is attached to the carafe instead of being slotted into the machine.

The coffee maker is attractive and pleasing to the eye. This is made possible by the stainless steel body and crystal clear water reservoir.

Brew speed

The brewing time-2-8 minutes. This is an advantage to those who like their brewers to have a built-in timer to start brewing before rising in the morning.


There are no complications associated with this coffee maker. It will make your coffee without much automation.

For those long for great tasting coffee, time is now. Get the Bonavita 8-Cup BV1800 today and enjoy the best coffee you have always wanted.

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